B2C advertising / direct marketing

  • Online marketing, e-newsletter, social media / web 2.0 portals
  • Consumer advertising, special supplements, advertorials with competitions
  • Poster advertising in public transport (e.g. in trains and buses) as well as in taxis
  • Large-scale poster advertising on the external facades of commuter railway stations and regional railway stations
  • Posters on passenger cars and minibuses
  • Mailer advertising
  • Consumer fairs in Zurich, Berne, Basel, St. Gallen and Lucerne (trade fair representation)
  • Sales promotion activities for consumers in major Swiss cities
  • Sales promotion activities with TV and radio stations
  • Posters and banners at central locations in Swiss town centres
  • Backlit panel advertising and display windows at central locations in Swiss town centres
  • Video screens at central locations in Swiss town centres
  • Cross marketing, e.g. with department store chains and works canteens
  • Direct mails (by e-mail and post) to consumers
  • Mailing house services


B2B trade / sales services

  • Online marketing and extranet, e-newsletter trade, e-competition on booking portals
  • Advertising and advertorials, competitions in specialist journals
  • Specialist fair TTW in Zurich and Lausanne (trade fair representation)
  • Roadshows and workshops
  • In-house sales presentations
  • Acquisition meetings with tour operators and travel agencies
  • Study trips for tour operators and travel agencies (group and individual travel)
  • Direct mails (by e-mail and post) to Swiss tour operators and travel agencies
  • Mailing house services


Press / public relations services

  • Study trips for travel journalists, online journalists, blogger, TV and radio stations (group and individual travel)
  • Organisation of press conferences
  • E-newsletter, press texts
  • Direct mails (by e-mail and post) to Swiss media organisations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Press clipping services


Performance reviews

  • Evaluation and reporting of all partner activities


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